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Kinds Words From Our Happy Customers

The installation of the water softener has been completed now. We are very pleased with the work done by Eddy. He is a very friendly gentleman and his work is excellent.

Katrien & Christophe Pyra, Lokeren

Hi Catherine – By way of this email we would like to thank Steve and Eddy who installed our water softener this week. Their customer service and tidy work are really remarkable. Kind regards.

Dina Callebaut, Ternat

We would hereby like to inform you that we are very pleased with our water descaler. The installer did a fantastic job. The technical installation was no easy feat, but with Eddy’s creative thinking and technical know-how everything turned out great. I highly recommend Aqua Service to future clients. Please pass on our thanks to Eddy once more.

Fam. Theys-Vanderstappen, Oud-Turnhout.

By way of this email, we would like to inform the company Aqua Service that we are very satisfied with your technician Gregory, who installed our water softener. Good, efficient work by a very friendly and helpful  man!

Mr. Verleyen, Oosterzele

The technician visited us as planned. The young man explained everything and repaired my water softener. His first name is Jens and I have to say, I was very impressed with his work ethic and his friendliness. I would also like to thank Mrs. Nathalie De Man for her professional manner in arranging the appointment for us.

Mr. Faidherbe, Elouges

Today, one of your employees installed our water softener. His work was excellent and he was very friendly! A charming young man! Thanks again for sending such an excellent installer.

Fam. Bracke-Geeroms, Lennik

Today, a water softener was installed at my home by your installer Christiaens Gregory. I want to let you know (though perhaps you are aware already) that in this person you have a very capable, polite and friendly employee. It is very pleasant (and rare, these days) for a client to deal with a company in such a manner.

Mr. Van Laer, Landen

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